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Helping develop your organisation and your people

Successful organisations are those that enable their people to give their best at work. We believe that to make this possible, your organisational structures, processes and values must be aligned with each other and with your strategy and purpose. We help organisations to take a holistic view of change, and make the links between these moving parts.

We have deep experience of supporting and leading change, and understand the things that make a real difference. We work with you as a partner, providing pragmatic challenge and support to help your organisation succeed.  We make sure we help build the right solution for you.

We are engaged by leaders to deliver a wide range of projects covering:

  • Organisational Design and Structure
  • Change & Engagement
  • Leadership Development
  • Talent Management processes
  • Culture, Behaviour & Values

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Devonpark was set up to help organisations that are going through change, whether large or small, corporate or charity. 

We are based in central Scotland, but work nationally with clients in a wide range of sectors. 

About me


Founder / Director - Brett Welch

I started Devonpark Consulting because I believe that every business - big or small - needs to have access to good, practical Organisational Development advice and support. My background in senior in-house leadership roles, as well as within a leading global consulting organisation, means that I have the  breadth of experience to help businesses (and their people) thrive. 

Beyond work, I love being outside - ideally somewhere with big mountains, but I'll settle for walking my dog Ruaridh around a local park (see gratuitous shot of him below) .

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